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The Artists



I’ve always been interested in companies that know their craft and the materials they use. Companies with history...with a story. And that is exactly what Konsthantverk has. I want to add my own DNA...to give the story new layers. A softer look, maybe a bit more poetic.



For me, design is about problem-solving, whether the foundation is industrial or artistic. Figuring out how to make a product...that’s what I love. It’s fun to work with someone who knows craftsmanship. A real industry with genuine expertise...with tradition.



I want to create designs that move people, that say something. The coupling of rawness with “nobility”. You should see and feel the construction of what I make. I’m so close to Konsthantverk...I feel touched. It is closeness in every sense: made up close, close to people...close to the earth.



Materials are essential vehicles of emotion in the design process for me. I want to create designs that convey a sense of emotion – both through function and appearance. Konsthantverk is incredibly sensitive to how the process unfolds.



I love being on location...in the factory. I can see how the products are cut, bent, soldered and “weighed in”...how they’re balanced. That knowledge is absolutely crucial for my ideas. I am so delighted that Konsthantverk makes products themselves. That someone can still “touch everything” here in Sweden.



I have always been inspired by Bauhaus. Their minimalism, simplicity and their function. For me, design means form and function. When it merges with genuine handcraft, that is when it reaches new dimensions. That is what we have achieved in my collaboration with Konsthantverk.